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this makes me think about the post about the two girls who didn’t want to get caught sending notes in class so they learned elvish

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The Avengers + Space Porn

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Tom being adorable. [x]

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#”damn fucking right i did”

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Neil deGrasse Tyson on Aliens

Hawking is all worried that aliens might suck our brains out. That concern comes from the fact that when any of us explored the world with high technology ships and came upon a civilization less advanced, it was bad for the less advanced civilization. They either were completely wiped out or subjugated or enslaved or whatever, so I think his fear about aliens is a reflection of his actual knowledge of how humans treat each other, not real knowledge of how real aliens would treat us."

- Neil deGrasse Tyson

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James McAvoy is a Scottish actor, but he’s not that Scottish actor.

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Tom Hiddleston + Impressions

I used to love doing impressions, I still do" - Tom Hiddleston


colorizing challenge: Tom Hiddleston by Daivd Titlow (x)

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colorizing challenge: Tom Hiddleston by Daivd Titlow (x)

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Amelia: Where are all the men in this city?
Violet: Sheldon is single.
Addison: [laughs] 
Amelia: Do you hate me or something?
Violet: Sheldon is smart, thoughtful, charming, and great in bed. [hand gesture]
Amelia & Addison: Really?
[Elevator opens]
Sheldon: Oh, morning, ladies. What?
Violet: Nothing, nothing, I was just coming to find you.
Sheldon: Ready to go? Security at the prison can… can… be a… a bit of a pain.
[Violet exits the elevator]
Amelia & Addie: [giggle]
Amelia: Sheldon? Really?
Addison: It’s always the quiet ones.

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